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When the Elephants met their Whisperer.

I put this post together from a wonderful email sent by Francoise Anthony at Thula Thula this morning.

To commemorate this important anniversary of Nana's herd's arrival at Thula Thula, I thought I would share highlights from Francoise's email with you.

We are celebrating the 20th Anniversary.

On the 25th of August 1999 , a very special herd arrived.

This is how our life changing adventure began, where Lawrence and I embarked into a series of endless challenges, totally unprepared to welcome these seven magnificent creatures, those “rogue and problem elephants” as we were told...An apparently impossible task to keep these elephants at Thula Thula and that they should be shot...

Today, twenty years later, this herd has become our family. They are 29 elephants that have the power to create a true spiritual experience for all the humans who cross their paths at Thula Thula.

A beautiful story which shows that Trust can be earned between species.

The magnificent seven on their arrival at Thula Thula 20 years ago: Nana, Frankie, Numzane, Mandla, Marula, Nandi

and Mabula.

24 hours after their arrival at Thula Thula, tragedy struck:

The herd had escaped from their enclosure, the BOMA,

where they were supposed to stay for a few days to get

accustomed to their new environment.

After a week search, and a few dramatic situations, the herd was found in Umfolosi Game Reserve, darted and returned to their new home, Thula Thula.

The return of the escape artists to the BOMA.

Lawrence, getting some feeds for them in the bush, and having a chat with them in the BOMA, kept a 24/7 watch on them so that they would not escape again.

They HAD to get used to their new home. If they escaped again, they would be shot.

August 31, 2019.

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