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Say "Hello" in Elephant on World Elephant Day

Today is World Elephant Day. I'd like to call two matters to your attention.

One. Here are the prototypes of the Elephant Puppets we plan to use for the play White Dog Productions and Handspring Puppet Company of South Africa is developing. It is a story about a man who loves elephants, a present day story of people whose lives are entwined with the fate of elephants and other endangered animals, and of the earth.

You will hear more and more about our play. For now, just look at our elephants and think about and admire the amplitude and intelligence and loving nature of these animals. When you see them on the world stages, remember where you saw them first.

We will bring you exciting, powerful and haunting theatre, theatre which you will never forget. As you fall in love with our "elephants" on this page and then on the stage, we hope you will be motivated to stop the elephant crisis.

The census that Paul Allen and his team at Vulcan maintains says, "In 7 years, 30% of Africa's elephants have disappeared." They further say, "At the current rate of decline half the continent's remaining pachyderms will be gone in just nine years." Take this in, today especially on World Elephant Day.

Two. Elephants have a very rich repertoire of communication and are amongst the most emotionally sophisticated animals on the planet. After decades of research by Elephant Voices, we are beginning to understand their language.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust USA was kind enough to point out a very special website, where you have a chance to learn some "Elephant."

HelloinElephant allows you to use it to help save their species. At, you can talk, text or emoji in Elephant, and share your message with the world. Don't miss your chance to do this, today especially on World Elephant Day.


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