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The Elephant Crisis

Together with the amazing Handspring Puppet Company of South Africa (the geniuses behind the National Theatre's production of "War Horse"), White Dog Productions, LLC is developing a play about a man who falls in love with a herd of wild elephants.

Our goal is to create magnificent and powerful theatre, but also to make our audiences fall in love with our "elephants" on the stage and their "relatives" worldwide.

This map shows you where elephants lived in Africa in the 19th Century.

This is what has happened to the elephant population in Africa in our own lifetime.

The census that Paul Allen and his team at Vulcan maintains says, "In 7 years, 30% of Africa's elephants have disappeared." They further say, "At the current rate of decline half the continent's remaining pachyderms will be gone in just nine years."

What can we do? Yes, we can support groups like the Clinton Foundation, WildAid, Stop Ivory and others but may I suggest another way to help too.

Theatre has often been an agent for change and for good. Theatre moves hearts and minds. Among the plays that are affecting the world's conversation and on the boards right on are Angels in America (Aids), Hamilton (Immigrants), Dear Evan Hansen (Bullying).

Join us to fight for the elephants through our play.

Check out my website for more details about the play and my company.

If you want to know more about our play and our plans to join the fight for the elephants and other animals, email me at

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